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Programs & Services

Our Programs

Trans Cendence was founded with the principle of helping Trans/Gender Diverse individuals along their journey. Our key focus is our peer led support groups where gather to celebrate each others milestones, share our stories, and talk about topics that are important to our community.

Our online groups allow for a people from all over to come together and share their stories, helping others who may have been through similar. These online group meetings allow you to join in the discussion from the comfort of your own safe space and is for those who may not be able to make it to an in person meeting.

In person meetings are a great way to get out and meet new people while trying on that new outfit you just bought. Like the online groups, we will be bringing valuable topics and discussion to meetings in hopes that we can answer questions you may have. It's always good to gather and share.

We are also re-launching our education program in which we help enlighten companies, organizations, and civil programs about the unique needs of the Trans/Gender Diverse community. We believe that the more you know...

Street Fashion

Trans/Gender Diverse

Programs for anyone who doesn’t identify with the sex assigned to them at birth.

Family Meal


Programs for Significant Others, Families, Friends, and Allies

Pride Parade


Programs for our youth exploring gender

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How Can We Help?

It's TCI's mission to gather as much information about as many resources for our Trans/Gender Diverse family. Here you will find some of those resources we found.

Mental Health

TCI works with many mental health providers and have compiled a list to help you find someone near you.

Medical help

Transition is never easy so we have put together a list of our friends that can help you with whatever your journey needs.

Online Support Meetings

We offer a number of large and combined groups, as well as smaller more specialized groups. Contact our group leaders for more info.

Education & Training

As one of our founding principles, we seek to bring education and enlightenment to Trans/Gender Diverse issues and needs. From corporate HR departments to city policy, we can provide the training you need

Coming Soon

In Person Meetings

TCI will be restarting our in person meetings on April 5, 2022. We have a new home in Ft Worth and hope to be opening a new home in Dallas soon. Check our calendar or email us for more information.

Events and Benefits

As COVID subsides, and we all get to come together again, TCI will be hosting in person meetings as well as events and fundraisers. These gatherings will be safe places for all to come as they are.

Coming Soon
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