Kelley Blair                                Pronouns: They/Them/Their

Oklahoma Chapter Director

Kelley B. Blair M.S. LPC., is a licensed professional counselor with nearly 20 years of experience working in the helping field with therapeutic and advocacy experience related directly to the LGBTQ and Native American communities in Oklahoma. Kelley is Choctaw, Cherokee and Seminole, also identifying as bisexual as well as Two-Spirit. Kelley is the founder of the Diversity Center of Oklahoma, a non-profit outpatient mental health treatment agency providing services to the gender diverse population and their families including disenfranchised and marginalized people of color. In 2014, Kelley organized an annual LGBTQ mental health symposium in Oklahoma to increase mental health professionals' continuing education and cultural competency training for the gender diverse community. Kelley currently co-chairs the Central Oklahoma Two-Spirit Society and sits on the International Council of Two-Spirit Societies. Kelley has earned a Master’s in Community Counseling as well as a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science. Kelley is dedicated to making communities inclusive for gender diverse persons and persons of color.