"Who is a SOFFA?"
"What is a SOFFA?"
"Can I as a SOFFA attend meetings without my transgender/gender diverse loved one?"

-Significant Other




Absolutely! We encourage you all to attend. All are welcome to attend our meetings.

"Why should I provide support for my transgender/gender diverse loved one?"
What kind of support do SOFFAs need?

Whenever someone makes the decision to transition to a gender expression that matches their gender identity, the people who surround them also transition. 

SOFFAs need a safe and confident space to talk about their own feelings of grief, shock, and fear. They need a place to process feelings with people who are or have been through what they are going through. Because of discrimination toward transgender and gender diverse people, SOFFAs may have a limited number of people in their lives to talk to about the situation.

Why support is needed:

From the New York Times

From Human Rights Campaign

From Psychology Today

Anyone who knows and is willing to consider being supportive of a transgender or gender diverse person.

-Spouses             -Moms/Dads

-Husbands/Wives     -Children/Teens

-Partners               -Coworkers                     

-Friends               -Allies