Board of Directors

Finnigan Jones - Executive Director


Finn serves as a leader in the transgender community of DFW and as a consultant to other LGBTQ+ communities outside of Texas. Finn participates in social education, civil and human rights advocacy and works closely with many leaders and organizations in the community to help further education on transgender and gender diversity issues and policies.

He sits on the advisory boards for The Diversity Center of Oklahoma.

Finn worked as a consultant in the formation of the Parkland Gender Clinic and the Aids Outreach Trans Wellness Program to assist in bringing much needed health care resources to the transgender community of DFW.


Finnigan is a disabled veteran of the United States Coast Guard

Transgender/Gender Identity Consultant

Ally Training Consultant and a fierce advocate for all human beings

He is the first transgender man to win a legislative election in the state of Texas for the Texas House of Representatives in HD 94 for the 2018 elections.



Susan is an ordained Disciples of Christ minister. She has a passion for the transgender community because Finn Jones is her life partner. She has two grown kids, Ryan and Jennifer and lives with Finn and their herd of fur babies. Susan has been a teacher, a minister and is currently studying to be a licensed professional counselor. Her passion for the transgender community is in helping their SOFFA's in the group. The acronym SOFFA stands for Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies.


"I feel so privileged to hear them tell their stories. Each transgender person has people in their lives that need support. They need a safe space to discuss their concerns, air their griefs, and ask those difficult questions. Each of us in the group try to help the best we can. Each time we meet I walk away feeling more supported than I did before. I feel at home with this group of people. They are family!"

Susan Blanchard-Jones - President
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Olivia Tomkins oversees and leads the organization’s administrative and marketing efforts that put Trans-Cendence International (TCI) on the front lines of support, education, and empowerment. Olivia joined TCI in 2016 and has a long record of experience advising and working with non-profit organizations in Texas and Oklahoma. Olivia has a passion for the her community and over the last decade, has devoted over 10,000 volunteer hours to various causes. 


Prior to joining TCI, Olivia has over 15 years of marketing and administrative experience specializing in small business and finance industries. During that time, she has held numerous leadership positions working with charity and employee diversity networks for JP Morgan Chase, Arvest Bank, and Capital One. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys traveling and is a self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd and transportation geek.


Ginger McMuray - Treasurer

Ginger is a software engineer / nerd / activist. By day she wrangles Android and iOS code for her employer, but her true passion has quickly become the community that welcomed her home. She has been the social media coordinator for Trans-Cendence International since 2016. Since 2014 she has also been the sole owner/operator/everything-else for gingerslist.com, providing reviews of all manner of businesses to ensure a safe experience.