Trans Cendence International is the brain child of Finn Jones who saw a need in the Transgender and Gender Diverse community for support, education, and advocacy for the rights of Trans Folk everywhere. Started as a peer led support organization, it has evolved into many groups that meet, online meetings, breakout online groups, numerous professionals both physical and mental health supporting the community, and many individuals helping to ensure the rights of Trans Folk all over.

We are currently only meeting virtually via Zoom, but hope that as the COVID cases continue to subside we will be able to meet face to face again in all the areas that we have a presence and continue to grow our in person support groups. 

We offer online open support groups for Transgender and Gender Diverse, Significant Others-Friends-Family-Allies, and specialty break off groups for Non-Binary, Trans-Masculine, Post-op support and trans youth. It is our goal to give you the support you need and ask the questions you may have of those who have transitioned before you. Feel free to reach out to the meeting organizers on our contact page.

As we re-organize and expand, we will be bringing you more information and more ways to support including our robust Trans Education Program, and future advocacy programs. 

Welcome to Trans Cendence International!

Please excuse the mess.