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Noone transitions in a vacuum. We will all need a helping hand or an affirming voice at some point in our transition. Whether you are transitioning or someone you love has started their journey to authenticity.

Wherever you fall under the Transgender Umbrella or you are a family member or friend, we are here for you. Our team of trained facilitators and advisors have all been where you are and are here to assist you on your journey. Our trained advisors can answer your questions, affirm your identity and help you find and access resources

We now offer safe and secure virtual support groups every week to serve our community members. You are welcome to log in from the comfort and safety of your own home on any device that is convenient for you.

Trans 101
Ally Training
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Education provides a backbone to support by addressing and correcting misinformation, dispelling stigma, and promoting positive images and information about transgender persons.

 It seems that the transgender community are in the news every day right now with heartwarming and heart breaking stories. Our facilitators will help you understand  the concept of transgender identities as well as guide you in creating a more inclusive and welcoming space. We will work with your needs to create a training program that meets the needs of your employees and/or clients. Contact us for a consultation.


Trans-Cendence International is committed to the SUPPORT and well-being of the transgender and gender-diverse community and their SOFFAs (Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies).  We work to build an inclusive community by creating programs to EDUCATE others.  We EMPOWER individuals to seek equal and civil rights to which they are entitled as members of the human race.