What's going on ...

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Who we are...

Trans Cendence International is a trans lead organization built around peer led support for all Transgender/Gender Diverse individuals. We also have support for Significant others, Friends, Family, and Allies. Everyone's journey through this exploration of their real selves is different and everyone needs someone to talk to. We foster a community of not only support but information and resources. With education and advocacy programs and partners we also help bring understanding of our community's needs.

We are currently reorganizing and our board is working on moving us forward beyond COVID. You can check our calendar for our online support meetings. CONTACT US for more questions and information.


What We Offer

Virtual Meetings

We currently offer a variety of meetings from general Trans/Gender Diverse, to SOFFA, and smaller specialty groups.


We have many friends, and though we cannot give legal and medical advice, we can find folks who can and are there to help you along your journey

In Person Meetings

As we all come out the other side of the COVID pandemic, TCI has set dates for new in person meetings. COVID precautions will be observed for a time as we build our groups again.


TCI is rebuilding our education program and will soon be offering materials and education sessions to help your company, organization, or government branch.